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initiating || evoking || challenging

Through movement, The  Collective’s mission is to manifest dialogue, criticality and deep thought through meditative movement. We seek to provide spectrality to the often perceived monolith of black femme bodies. Poetic shifts, soul-felt music, and multimedia projections we unfold and excavate. Various projects and research focus on unveiling, critiquing and exposing untold stories. We are building a community around coevolution, emergent strategies of organizing, and revolution.

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 '17- '18

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Jasmine Brown

Company Member

Mykel Nairne

Company Member

Tiara Chanel Knox

Company Member & Rehearsal Director

Nali Henry is a 19 year old dancer who is beyond excited to return to dance after a year of academic

Sierra Sanders

Company member

Desiree Lovett

Company member

Nali Henry

Company Member

Naya Lovell is a 19 year old performing artist from Westchester, NY with a true passion for dance pe
From the Washington, D.jpg
From Bridgeport, Connecticut, Rhamzi Amani is currently a senior pursuing her BFA in dance at Montcl

Naya Lovell

Company Member

Rachael Sutherland

Company Member

Rhamzi Amani Burks

Company Member

Man with Curls

River Watts

VP of Performance