Ama Ma'at Gora

Founder & Artistic Director

Ama Ma’at Gora, Brooklyn native is a choreographer, educator and dance artist. She received her BA in Dance from Georgian Court University and is a current MFA candidate at Temple University. Throughout her career, she has been featured in choreographies by Dr. Kariamu Welsh, Earl Moseley, Dr. S. Ama Wray, Karen Love, Darrell Moultrie, Gregory King, Sidra Bell and more. As a Philadelphia resident, she tours with Cardell Dance Theater writes for The Black Dance Magazine and holds a position as Community- Based Learning Director at Drexel University. An alumnus of Urban Bush Women’s Summer Leadership Institute (‘17 &‘19) as well as the founder and artistic director of Ma’at Works Dance Collective (‘17). Her works have premiered at Judson Church, Bridge for Dance, the Koresh Artist Showcase, The Golden Ratio, and Leah Stein’s Art Room. She believes in storytelling, lineage, and collectivity through dance.


About Us

Ma'at Works Dance Collective founded in 2017 by Ama Ma'at Gora is a project-based company. Their works have premiered at Georgian Court University (2017), Movement Research (2018), the Koresh Artist Showcase (2018), "Uptown Rising": Bridge for Dance (2018), Temple University (2018), Leah Stein's Art Room and more. As time documenters, storytellers, and anti-racist organizer movement provides context to highly contest narratives. Crafters, shapeshifters and transient body architects their works can be considered tactile. Often containing personal experiences, historical content and sociopolitical subjects surrounding the black femme bodies. The collective seeks to reclaim dance as a communal practice for all, taking it out of its hierarchical placement and giving it back to the people.